Rental Rates

Azalea Manor can accommodate large or small events.  We have had events with as few as 20 and upward to 600 people.
Dates go quickly at the manor, so after you read this and you want to place your date on hold, let us know and we will be happy to do so.  This is  a service we offer at no charge to you.  The following are our holding policies:  
In order to hold a date, we place your name in pencil on the date(s) you are interested in with three phone numbers that we can use to reach you or someone who can make a decision for you quickly.  A hold is good for one month. During that month, if someone else wants that date and has the deposit, we will try to contact you with the numbers you gave us.  If we can reach you, we will give you the option to come in that day with the deposit, or give us your credit card information over the phone if you cannot come in.  If we cannot reach you, we will be obliged to give the date to the person with the deposit.  So, if you do hold a date, please let us know as soon as you can if you want that date or if any of your numbers change.   If you have not decided after a month, you can call us to renew your hold for another month.  
You can call 251-408-9950 or email us at to set up an appointment to see the Manor.
In addition to the interior, there is a beautiful walled and gated courtyard with a fountain, two stone fireplaces, an arbor and very nice courtyard furniture.  Our courtyard is very popular for outdoor weddings.  However, Azalea Manor is large enough that, in case of bad weather, you can always bring your wedding inside.  Azalea Manor is not weather dependent.
Below is information about renting the Azalea Manor on Dauphin Street:
* Monday through Thursday - (Luncheons/Showers) 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM - $575.00, Deposit - $287.50
* Monday through Thursday Evenings - $1,500, Deposit - $750 
* Friday & Sunday - $2400, Deposit - $1200 
* Saturday - $2,850, Deposit - $1,500
All Rental Fees Include Azalea Manor & Courtyard, black linens for guest tables in The Florence Room, event consulting prior to your event, and a Hostess to be at your event and help you with Day-Of Services.
*$150.00 - Set-up, Break-down and Clean-up Fee
*$150.00 -  Fee for the use of the parking lot
*$100.00 - Door Attendant
*$75.00 - Rehearsal fee if you get married at The Azalea Manor.
*$250.00 - Damage Deposit Check to be kept in your file (which is destroyed if there is no damage.)
RENTAL NOTE:  On major holidays the rent is $3,250.00 which are: The last four days of Mardi Gras * Easter Sunday * Fourth of July * The day before Thanksgiving *  Thanksgiving Day * The day after Thanksgiving * 
The day before Christmas * Christmas Day * The day after Christmas *  New Year's Eve *New Year's Day.

Eight Total Hours * All tables and Chairs * Black and/or Ivory linens * 1 Additional Parking Lot * 
Event Consulting and A Host/ess for Your Event and Day-Of Services

You may bring your own DJ or band. It is not necessary to rent a dance floor for the Manor.
CATERINGYou may bring in any caterer of your choice, but they must be licensed and approved by the Health Department. 
BAR - Azalea Manor has a liquor license, so all alcohol must be sold through the manor, in accordance with Alabama law. ABC regulations prohibit us from allowing you to bring in your own alcohol or bartender(s), however we have ensured that our bar prices are fair and competitive with the prices you would pay elsewhere. You are in control of what the bar serves at your event. You place your order with us before your event and that is what is served. We have a fully stocked bar for your convenience. This bar can be available and visible for your guests or not, that is at your discretion. You may offer your guests a - HOST BAR - (you pay for the alcohol for your guests,) which could be beer and wine only or a full bar, or a CASH BAR - (your guests purchase drinks from the Manor during your event.) You may also offer a HOST, BEER & WINE BAR WITH A CASH BAR OPTION - (you pay for the beer and wine and the guests pay for mixed drinks.) You also have the option of paying up to a pre-determined, specified amount and then turning it into a cash bar. The bar fee includes liquor liability, one bartender w/an assistant, glasses, wait staff and dishwasher.
Multiply 3 drinks per person (or the # of drinks you think your guests will consume pp during your event) times the # of guests who are drinking. This  equals the # of drinks served.  Multiply that number by the average price of a drink ($5 for B&W)  ($6 for FULL bar). Multiply that number by 28% (10%) & liability fees (18%), then add the 28% and you get a close figure to the price of your bar.

***Our bar has a full supply of set-ups including soft drinks as mixers, however it does not serve individual soft drinks or water unless client has made previous arrangements with management. If you want this service, please let us know so we can order a supply.  They sell for $2.00 each from the bar.***

We have on staff two licensed bridal consultant/event planners who can help you with your planning and referrals of professional caterers, bakers, bartenders, photographers, videographers, florists, musicians, calligraphers and ministers. This services is included in your rental fee. It is our goal to help you in any way we can to make your time at the Azalea Manor enjoyable and worry-free.
If there is anything we can do to help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime by calling  251-408-9950 or email us at at or clicking "contact us" at the top of the page to send an e-mail.

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